About us

Company Overview

Dynamic Vision PC. is a consultancy company based in Athens, founded in 2014. We offer solutions to privately held companies, SMEs, Universities and NGOs on a wide spectrum of professional fields, such as Environment, Communication, Information and Technology Services & Health. We create synergies with our clients so that we can offer the optimal support in the best possible way, working as one team, as we venture into the business world.

We engage in projects, by supporting business innovation, encouraging the launch of startup companies with groundbreaking business development and hands-on management of change and funding schemes ideas. Our core business objective is to help our clients receive an effective and customized answer to their business needs. We are the product of the long life experience of our members and regular associates, always ready to face new challenges.

Our expertise

Dynamic Vision Is a company, building its foundations on success year by year, based on our experiences. The company members are professionals with expertise in their fields and have come together to join forces, collaborate and maximize their impact. In the end, it is our people who make Dynamic Vision a dedicated partner to our clients’ plans.

Our team members’ span from experts in finance and business to health, environmental and IT services professionals. The diversified background of our people offers us agility; thus we understand the needs of our clients better.

In the frame of a more environmental approach of the Company’s business spectrum, Dynamic Vision is an official partner of one of the most influential European Projects funded by the INTERREG Mediterranean programme of the European Union, and is part of a vast network, which runs so far 69 projects, has invested 136 million € and has 633 Partners. The purpose of this project is to promote sustainable development in the European area based on the sound management of the natural resources thanks to innovation and considering the effects on the labor market by promoting social justice and green jobs. Our company’s role is to coordinate and manage all the communicational policies of the Green Growth community.

In addition, our actions and our ideas are all designed to support the implementation of Circular Economy projects, all relevant with the new environmental EU Directives. Our aim is to promote the gradual transition to a circular economy amongst the European countries, by facilitating policy dialogue among stakeholders and by disseminating activities, information, and good practices on the circular economy. In other words, promoting the new Circular Economy practices means that all measures taken, contribute to "closing the loop" of product lifecycles through greater recycling and re-use, and bring benefits for both the environment and the economy. To better understand this scheme, the goal is to reach maximum value and use from all raw materials, products and waste, fostering energy savings and reducing Green House Gas emissions in the EU.

“Synergy is the word”

Dynamic Vision represents a reliable, agile partner established as the consultancy expert of choice for developing & transition economies. It brings to the table client customization. Our point of view is that only by understanding the unique character of each company or organization, one can offer the necessary support. In a continuously competitive market, synergies are our priority as well as building an environment of trust between our partners.

We believe in sharing knowledge and constructing sustainable relations of trust between ourselves and our clients, to bring visionary and effective advice to them, so that we create strong partnerships in the area of project coordination, funding and implementation in different fields. Assuring financial soundness and sustainability. We work with our clients to unlock their true potential & help them achieve their goals, whilst optimizing their performance.

Dr.med Dimitris P. Kokosioulis

Dimitris began his career in the medical field working as an internist/Gastroenterologist in several Health Institutions in Germany, Luxembourg and Greece. Since 2013 he chose to pivot his career as a medical specialist towards medical consultancy, an underdeveloped sector in both Europe and in Greece. He has been associated with a major consulting firm based in Athens in order to exploit all the medical knowledge accumulated and put it into paper, for the purpose of funding projects with extreme scientific and medical interest in the European as well as the international scene. This effort was so successful that he has been appointed, the main Health expert in one of the top European consulting firms responsible for building their new Health Projects department. He has been appointed by Deanship meeting on January 2015 as an Honorary Scientific Associate and main consultant regarding international funding by several departments of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Health Sciences. Within two years, ever since he initiated this engagement, he has created a vast network of medical collaborators in many European countries and has submitted numerous proposals under many donors. Dynamic Vision is the embodiment of this work and he has chosen his collaborators so that they make a strong versatile team.

Athina Kokosiouli
Executive Director

Athina is the heavy artillery of the company with more than thirty years of working experience in the field of project management in Greece and many transition countries from various positions such as Project and Financial Manager. She has extensive experience in the field of international cooperation on international policy challenges. Her professional expertise expands from thorough knowledge of Public Procurement of goods and services, to auditing of projects financed by the European Union and applied knowledge of institutional assessment and capacity development. She has worked on Technical Assistance, Twinnings, TAIEX and many other Programmes. She descents academically from the University if Piraeus with two degrees; Economic Science and Statistics. Her accumulated knowledge is poured in Dynamic Vision. She is a mentor for all of the entire team.

Natalia Tsami
Project Manager

Natalia Tsami is a physicist, with a major in Environmental Physics-Meteorology. She also holds a MSc in the field of Environment and Health.

Since 2016 she works as an EU Project Manager, providing her expertise and experience in the design and implementation of European co-funded projects mainly focusing on green and circular economy, climate-neutrality and innovation.

Maria Pepona
Visual Communication

Maria has a BA Honors degree from Middlesex University in Visual Communication and an MA from Surrey University in Graphic design and illustration. She started working as a graphic designer and junior art director in advertising companies and creative agencies in London, Vienna and Athens from 2001, while she collaborated as an illustrator (mostly children books) with numerous publishing houses. In Dynamic Vision she is head of the Visual Communication department, actively involved in all our projects, while she acts as a graphic designer and operates the social media and web platform in the Interreg MED Green Growth Community.